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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Why do I feel so guilty about this?
msauvage purple
I need to update on a few issues, but to get this out of the way:

Since people keep STEALING MY MATERIAL and putting it on t-shirts, I'm going to put some stuff up on Cafe Press, I think. ("Fever of 100 and Werewolf" water bottles ended up on Cafe Press ads. I was Not Happy. Neither was foresthouse, who represents me in all legal matters, because apparently bloggers need lawyers these days.) I don't know. I feel mercenary, but I have to earn something somehow, and I'm sure as hell not letting someone else make money off my ideas. But before I ask for suggestions, let me explain some of the copyright issues, so you'll see what my parameters are:

There are some fonts that are free to use for anything, including for profit. There are not a whole lot of these. There are some really cute design things you can do with awesome fonts, but it seems entirely hypocritical to run off with someone else's work if I'm complaining that other people are doing that to me. Same with artwork, photographs, movie stills, etc. So I've gotten an artist to do a couple of starter designs for me. I'm either going to try to work with simple typographical designs, very old public domain images, or original artwork. If/when I can afford it, I may look into licensing some fonts.

I have a fairly good understanding of the fair use defense after the Harry Potter Lexicon fiasco, but I also realize that it's a defense, not a law; you can be forced to waste a lot of money to prove you're right. Parody and commentary is pretty defendable, but to be safe, I'm using bits from my writing that are clearly and uniquely mine. I could probably defend the use of characters' names under fair use, but why risk it? I'm sure someone's made a "Team Tyler's Van" shirt, but I'll stick to "Team Fursplode," thanks. In fact, if people are interested, I could probably use some of the Twilight Viking Saga bits...

Anyway. I'm going with Twilight designs first, namely the original phrases people tend to STEAL FROM ME AND PROFIT FROM. However: I would like this to be more than just the Twilight Lolfan Store, but I'm not sure what people would be interested in. (The "cousins" bit still seems to be popular. And we have to have a new version of the "The Romans wouldn't let us have sleeves" tank top.) I will definitely have the various designs in buttons, stickers, magnets, as many products as we can fit them on, etc., so designs can be collected, rather than hit people up for twenty different t-shirts. Ideas?

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I've lent my brother my copy of Movies in Fifteen Minutes, which is making this harder but... I seem to remember 'Because she's/I'm a giiirrrrrrll' being a favourite phrase? Several of the repeated phrases from the book are good fun, if only I could remember them! Also, can you own a single word? Right now I'd quite fancy a T-shirt that just says 'Woe'!

Well, it's not so much that I could own a common word like "woe," but that no one else does, either. So yeah, I could use that.

I don't have much of a disposable budget, but I would try to squeeze out some cash for a shirt that said "Twilight means never having to say you're kidding." Would that be acceptable from a legal standpoint? Because that would be am awesome shirt.

The word "Twilight" is a bit problematic, unless we substituted something else, or maybe did it for charity only. Which we could.

Please please please don't feel guilty or icky about this. This is a great idea.

I know that there are possible legal issues with some of the SLOD characters, but I'd love to see some SLOD-related items.

Also, the character of "Earth" in the 2012 M15M was one of my favorite things you've ever created.

Fully agreed. Can we get some Earth quotes?

(Deleted comment)
omg! i would totes buy a "romans wouldn't let us have sleeves" tank!

also, I love magnets as my poor fridge will attest to

would SLoD stuff be covered under fair use? You may even be able to use your own photos? idk, I only know x amount copyright law and that is for photographs specifically (like you can't sell a photo that contains a company's logo--but this was specifically geared towards my advertising classes in college so, again idk)

It sucks that people are ripping off your stuff though! what asshats!

The photos are the things I'd really like to use, but would have to look into.

Don't feel guilty at all! You should have done this ages ago.

I think it's a fantastic idea, and people are clearly willing to buy them, so it should definitely be you who makes the profit.

Popular icons might be a place to look for ideas?

I second the icon idea. As for merchandise, I'm quite partial to the unlined journals. I can never have too many of those. I'd also be far more likely to purchase non-white t-shirts. Just sayin'.

I'll quote Cleolinda from time to time, particularly her m15m lines, and when people laugh I always have to back off and say, "yeah, that wasn't my joke." Because, dammit, I'm funny enough without having to take credit for other people's funny lines! :)

No guilt! This isn't "Cleo is churning out witty catchphrases for profit," it's "Cleo is protecting her interests from interlopers." I think everyone can get behind that. So go forth and license those suckers! When you're not making money off your coolness, the terrorists bootleggers win!

This is a good idea and you should feel good!

I would seriously buy a "Bitchnami" patch, button, or shirt.

Edited at 2011-06-15 05:17 pm (UTC)

Don't feel guilty! I can understand not wanting to profit from Things On The Internet, but if people are pulling your words and selling them on T-shirts anyway, then, well, you should be the one getting the money from it. There's no reason why you shouldn't do it yourself.

You need a shirt with "Chagrin" on it. Just because.

Oh, there are so many but I am at work and...yes.

Why are people so awful? It sucks that people have stolen from you like this, Cleo. Definitely don't feel guilty about this.

Well, I suspect a lot of it is people just not understanding copyright and intellectual property. They saw it on the internet, maybe they don't even remember who said it, maybe they don't think it matters. But at least if I put up my own versions of whatever material gets stolen, I've staked my claim to it. I mean, not that I have to legally, but I can point to it and say, these are my words on my products, and I didn't authorize anyone else's. Get your own phrases, etc.

Shirts with quotes? Count me in!

I can understand bloggers needing lawyers since this is your job, and you have made money from it (whether directly or indirectly) so people stealing your shit a la Jayne Cobb should get smacked down by Lady Justice.

Plus, you know we'd buy 'em! I like to spread the lulz as much as I can, so a shirt with a handy quote or picture would be nifty. (Not to mention make other readers easier to spot!)

I am begging -- BEGGING -- you to use some of the Midnight Sun quotes. *points to icon*

I have totally used hilarrible in everyday speech.

Long-time lurker here...

One of my favorite things you ever typed was this: "I've been here writing for ten hours, my fingers are ceasing to fing!"

T-shirt for writers and students alike? Possibly.

There is also the "OMGWTFPOLARBEAR?!" from the lone-gone Lost recap days. I do not know how popular that phrase is now, though, but I always find it fun.

I do still see polar bear around a bit--I have an idea for a design I might draw myself.

"My fingers are ceasing to fing" might work on something, yeah. Heh.


Also, I vote for some HP stuff, too, if possible.