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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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The new ~*cleolinda.com*~
msauvage purple
So I had nearly finished off my Cafe Press store (with five designs to start), and then I realized... I hadn't indicated on the designs where any of it originated from. Like a name or a URL or anything. I felt kind of silly putting "cleolinda.livejournal.com" on there, since people still mock LJ and its users. I often joke that "Cleolinda Industries provides a wide variety of services," but it's not one of my better known phrases, but the actual name of the blog, Occupation: Girl, is even less known, so...

@cleolinda: Hm. I feel silly putting a Livejournal URL on t-shirts, but "Cleolinda Industries" doesn't tell you where to go. Can people google?

@cleolinda: I mean, literally, is this something people are physically capable of doing? Because sometimes I wonder.

@cleolinda: Point. RT @LiterateKnits: People cannot google, but neither can they remember URLs they see on t-shirts. Go with whatever looks better.

@ktjayne: You could go high-tech and do a QR code. People check those out compulsively because it's a Neat New Thing.

@cleolinda: Who what codes now?

@cleolinda: (Thus proving that even I cannot Just Google It.)

@cleolinda: Yeah, I need to figure out how to make that redirect. RT @gsalinas: You still have cleolinda.com right?

@kitalita: @cleolinda I vote cleolinda.com If you have shirts, you should have your own URL. Even without redirect, it links, right?

@cleolinda: @kitalita I haven't updated it in years and I'm sure it's hideous. I can get foresthouse to redesign it when a convention isn't eating her

@cleolinda: @kitalita I hate landing/intro pages on websites, but I can have something simple until I figure out a plain redirect.

So I went to Yahoo Webhosting (SHUT UP I HAVE HAD IT SINCE 2001) and decided to see if I could just redirect it without anyone seeing a primitive website. And then, I actually got a look at their new page editor and business templates...

@cleolinda: I'm kind of tempted to set up a quick Cleolinda Industries site that looks like a parody of a generic business site.

@AndremusMaximus: A site that never loads because there is WAY to much Flash involved, or one that was built in the 90's in Geocities?

@gsalinas: Stock photos of people looking too happy to really be at work!!!

@scbecker: Except they're all wearing FURSPLOSION shirts photoshopped on.

Funny you should mention that...

(Shhhh, the store is not ready. I haven't finished tweaking the image placements yet. Even if you find the store, I can't promise the products will come out right if you jump the gun.)

POINT BEING, I now have a brand-new website.

I spent the day personalizing the Generic Business Template (with a Generic Purple Business Daisy), since I've been paying for the damn thing for years anyway. I consider it a mild parody of form but a masterpiece of function, because the entire site is HERE I AM HERE IS MY STUFF CONTACT ME HERE OMG. No animations, no auto-playing music, no superfluous intro pages. And I really had wanted a hub to list everything on, and this is an ideal URL. I don't know what I would do with the "Case Studies" and "Testimonials" templates, except that they have the potential for utter hilarity. And I can still create a "blog" page that redirects to this journal. Also, since I got a couple of new Gmail accounts after THE NEW YAHOO MAIL decided to suck, I'm now assigning one to be the cleolinda.com contact address. So that's working out well.

Site Meter

Swiftly approved, actually. Nicely done.

It doesn't have to do much more than it says on the tin, so anything else is gravy at this point.

Your website is brilliant.

Hilarious business site parody. I like it!


I like it! I, too, am iffy about the giant purple daisy. But it's lovely and generic. I think the testimonials page could be utterly hilarious if done right. Not to add more to your plate, mind.

she could put up the hilarious flame comments she has gotten (like from "cleoloindaisgay" http://cleolinda.livejournal.com/630150.html?thread=47727750#t47727750)

@gsalinas: Stock photos of people looking too happy to really be at work!!!

@scbecker: Except they're all wearing FURSPLOSION shirts photoshopped on."

I love this.

I like it! You should link to your wiki too. I love your wiki. =P

I like it! And I sent you a message with THE FORM for funsies.

So I went to Yahoo Webhosting (SHUT UP I HAVE HAD IT SINCE 2001)

Nothing wrong with it, I actually miss geocities, had my first website there. They also had a really easy website templates. Still the site looks nice, simple, clean with pleasant colors. It also doesn't have a 3 minute flash intro which I personally love.

See, I loved how easy their templates were. I mean, you could argue they made it really easy to make an ugly website, which I also did, but some of us just want really simple workhorse sites that we can update ourselves, rather than rely on a webmaster.

Awesome! Looks great! I appreciate the doggie pictures on the "Services" page.

(I might change the link on the "About Us" page about your "ruining comedy" to straight to the flamey-comment, but only so people can find that bit of hilarity easier.)

The website looks awesome!

I'm sure your readers could provide some "testimonials" for you :) We are after all the customers of Cleolinda Industries. Yay for parody business websites.

and "Testimonials" templates

Quotes from the dolls about you?

This is a really good idea.

Cleolinda Industries: we read Twilight so you don't have to.

Although that might actually be the Smart Bitches tagline.

I love House of Bark. Bark Bark Bark.