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So I had nearly finished off my Cafe Press store (with five designs to start), and then I realized... I hadn't indicated on the designs where any of it originated from. Like a name or a URL or anything. I felt kind of silly putting "" on there, since people still mock LJ and its users. I often joke that "Cleolinda Industries provides a wide variety of services," but it's not one of my better known phrases, but the actual name of the blog, Occupation: Girl, is even less known, so...

@cleolinda: Hm. I feel silly putting a Livejournal URL on t-shirts, but "Cleolinda Industries" doesn't tell you where to go. Can people google?

@cleolinda: I mean, literally, is this something people are physically capable of doing? Because sometimes I wonder.

@cleolinda: Point. RT @LiterateKnits: People cannot google, but neither can they remember URLs they see on t-shirts. Go with whatever looks better.

@ktjayne: You could go high-tech and do a QR code. People check those out compulsively because it's a Neat New Thing.

@cleolinda: Who what codes now?

@cleolinda: (Thus proving that even I cannot Just Google It.)

@cleolinda: Yeah, I need to figure out how to make that redirect. RT @gsalinas: You still have right?

@kitalita: @cleolinda I vote If you have shirts, you should have your own URL. Even without redirect, it links, right?

@cleolinda: @kitalita I haven't updated it in years and I'm sure it's hideous. I can get foresthouse to redesign it when a convention isn't eating her

@cleolinda: @kitalita I hate landing/intro pages on websites, but I can have something simple until I figure out a plain redirect.

So I went to Yahoo Webhosting (SHUT UP I HAVE HAD IT SINCE 2001) and decided to see if I could just redirect it without anyone seeing a primitive website. And then, I actually got a look at their new page editor and business templates...

@cleolinda: I'm kind of tempted to set up a quick Cleolinda Industries site that looks like a parody of a generic business site.

@AndremusMaximus: A site that never loads because there is WAY to much Flash involved, or one that was built in the 90's in Geocities?

@gsalinas: Stock photos of people looking too happy to really be at work!!!

@scbecker: Except they're all wearing FURSPLOSION shirts photoshopped on.

Funny you should mention that...

(Shhhh, the store is not ready. I haven't finished tweaking the image placements yet. Even if you find the store, I can't promise the products will come out right if you jump the gun.)

POINT BEING, I now have a brand-new website.

I spent the day personalizing the Generic Business Template (with a Generic Purple Business Daisy), since I've been paying for the damn thing for years anyway. I consider it a mild parody of form but a masterpiece of function, because the entire site is HERE I AM HERE IS MY STUFF CONTACT ME HERE OMG. No animations, no auto-playing music, no superfluous intro pages. And I really had wanted a hub to list everything on, and this is an ideal URL. I don't know what I would do with the "Case Studies" and "Testimonials" templates, except that they have the potential for utter hilarity. And I can still create a "blog" page that redirects to this journal. Also, since I got a couple of new Gmail accounts after THE NEW YAHOO MAIL decided to suck, I'm now assigning one to be the contact address. So that's working out well.

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