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*tiny screams*

Okay. I am super nervous about having screwed up some tiny detail on the store, but if I don't let someone look at it, I'll keep picking at it for eternity. Y'all wander around, tell me what you think. (To make it more fun, there are a few descriptions that vary, particularly in the Team sections.) I am 98.23% sure all the images are centered correctly on all the products; three people have checked over it and found no problems. If anything, there might be an error in the "cute" text descriptions, which have no bearing on the product itself. I'm just terrified I've messed something up, and I don't want us to discover this after you've paid for it.

A few notes:

Most things are marked up $2, with small stickers, buttons and magnets marked up $1. Apparently this is pretty low by CafePress standards, which is what I want. People have talked about wanting to buy lots of different things, and if I'm going to put up new designs every month, I will probably make up for the low prices with volume (I hope). Going more for collectibles than one-time sales, if you see what I mean. So if you really want a t-shirt, go for it. But if you, out of the kindness of your heart, just want to buy something to be supportive, two stickers are just as supportive as a shirt you might never wear. Get the most for your money, is what I'm saying. If you somehow want to give me more money than this directly, or you aren't interested in the merchandise but still want to part with your cash (I know, that sounds either money-grubbing or delusional, but people have actually brought this up), there is always the tip jar.

I'm not going to add designs more than once a month, unless there is some kind of exceptional situation (an emergency charity design, for example). It just seems kind of crappy to have y'all order things today and pay shipping and handling for one or two items, and then put out five more designs on Tuesday and make you pay shipping all over again. So I'm going to put things out once a month, at most--which will also give Marc and/or me more time to come up with good decent designs.

Yes, next month we will have designs that have nothing to do with Twilight and/or vampires. Bear in mind, however, that Comic-Con is coming up, and that they are going to have a Breaking Dawn panel. Whether you are pro- or anti-Twilight (or a little bit of both), there is a design for you. Seriously, you walk in with a "Talk to Your Kids About Vampires" shirt, and you are gonna make a lot of new friends in the line threatening to break into civil unrest waiting to get into the non-Twilight panel afterwards.

Speaking of Marc, who did my Teams artwork: it is kind of amazing.

My designs at the moment are text-based, but I have a few things in mind for the future.

(I'm hoping that last one's okay, because it's a play on a fairly common bumper sticker that people see and then call me up to tell me about.)

All five designs are in a ridiculous number of formats, of course, and mine are also available in black-on-white or white-on-black.

I think I only put something about Cleolinda Industries or on one or two designs, because we didn't create them with that in mind and it didn't look that good (or there was no room). Going forward, I'll make sure we do that.

The only items that have designs on the back (IIRC) are the Team totebags, which look awesome, IMO. It does cost you extra to get designs on the front and back of the t-shirts, and I wasn't sure anyone would be interested in that. I can put that together pretty quickly if you are. If there's a design you like but not on the product you want, let me know. I put up a ridiculous number of products just to see what people would end up buying. However, if you don't see this or that in a particular design, it may be because I tried it and it just did not look good. There are as many non-white shirts, for example, as I could manage, but sometimes it just did not work, or the space CafePress allotted for the design was so small that I didn't see the point in it. But if you really want it, let me know, and I'll see if it can be done.

I could not, in good conscience, put up baby clothes or underwear--well, the text designs wouldn't have worked anyway, but I just cannot be the person who says, "You know what you need? Sparklepire thongs." I've just... I've seen too much, y'all. Things I can never unsee. We do not speak of them now. Also, somewhat hilariously: CafePress will not let you make baby items with any images tagged "twilight." It's like they KNOW. If you deeply, deeply crave a Team Fursplode baby shirt, I can put up an untagged copy of the image and set that up for you. At least it's not an "Imprinted" onesie, right? But I need to know that someone actually wants it first.

So. Uh. I'm just gonna go have a tiny capitalism-induced breakdown in a corner or something. Y'all enjoy.

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