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Store update
msauvage purple
The CafePress store is live, as mentioned yesterday at ridiculous length. I have tweaked all the description problems, half of which were caused by me fixing the original problems.

To summarize: Marc Vuletich, bless him, did some artwork for Team Sparklepire and Team Fursplode designs:

And I did some text-based designs for "I Drive Like a Cullen (I Speed with a Whiny Teen)"; "Talk to Your Kids About Vampires (And Drugs If You Have the Time)," a general vampire comment I once made; and "Vampire control is a serious problem that affects us all...," a paragraph from one of the Varney recaps. (So if you do want to get a non-Twilight vampire design, the latter two would fit the bill.) At y'all's request, I have added a higher-res version of the design so you can see more clearly what it says without trekking back to the recap. A link to that image will also be on the front page of those sections. (I only get 200 characters for product descriptions, and that includes HTML.)

Also, I have joked for years about "the attention to detail you can expect from Cleolinda Industries," so on and so forth, so I finally brushed off my embarrassing old cleolinda.com site and refurbished it in an incredibly serious, business-like, professional, purple way. Let's put it this way: House of Bark is listed under "services."

This is what I have spent the last, I don't know, five days or so working on, and for once in my life (or at least a very long while), I feel somewhat accomplished. I'm still trying to get writing-type work done, but I'm also going to start looking into other designs to put up next month. (The current designs aren't going anywhere.) I want to get some non-Twilight-parody designs up, so I think I'm going to try to work on something with cousins, Romans, matches, polar bears, and/or ponies next. A My Hideous Repast/Furious Kitten concert t-shirt is probably going to be a major design project, so that'll be a while. Also, my mother has given me the all-clear to use pictures of Sam, if y'all would be interested in some Petite Lap Bear magnets or something.

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Congrats on the store!

And by the way, have you seen this?

Benedict Cumberbatch joins The Hobbit as Smaug.

Yeah, also Evangeline Lilly and Barry Humphries. Because... why not.

(Deleted comment)
Have you heard of the youtube partnership thing? Popular youtubers can get paid a percentage of the revenue made from the ads on their channel.
You should see if livejournal could do something similar, or move to a site where you can. I bet you make a lot of money from ads for livejournal and you should get some of it, it's silly not to when its a recognised thing on the internet that you are entitled to some of it.

Petite Lap Bear magnets FTW!

I love the art--it's like Invader Zim meets Twilight. TwiZim?
And I would definitely get a 'talk to your kids about vampires' bumper sticker.

For the sake of accessibility, it may be worth it to have a link in the product description to the full typed text of the vampire control text—as type, I mean, not an image, for the sake of those using screen readers. I know you mentioned that the 200 character limit includes HTML, so that may not be feasible; it may also be something you've already thought of, but I figured I might as well mention it anyway.

I think the store is a long time coming. ^_^ It looks fantastic!

Like I said, it's not feasible for that reason. But I've now posted it on Tumblr with a transcription, and I can link to that where I have room.

I, for one, would LOVE Secret Life Of Dolls merchandise. I'm still sort of embarrassed that I know as much about the Twilight franchise as I do (my fascination is totally academic, I swear!), but with SLoD, it's okay because they're mixed in with characters from other franchises!

(Deleted comment)
I'd jump on the wave of the coming Potter-movie, if you have anything that can be used like the Sparklepire thing.

I love your cleolinda.com site. I think the HOB staff should be listed, including their primary duties (petite lap bear!).

Pardon me if I'm being dumb but do you have a direct link to your Cafe Press stuff? When I click the above link it just brings me to the general Cafe Press site.

i think it is missing the www?


(sorry if this posted 2x)

I actually saw a bumper sticker reading, "Warning: I Drive Like A Cullen" the other day.

It was a false alarm.

I saw that bumper sticker a few weeks ago, and was leaving a friend of mine a voicemail, and interrupted myself to say something along the lines of "And I am passing someone with an 'I Drive Like a Cullen' bumper sticker, which is NOT TRUE, because I just passed her like she was standing still and I'm only going fifty-five, and also I'm really ashamed that I know enough about what 'I Drive Like a Cullen' means to be able to refute it."

I got me a 'Talk to Your Kids' bag. Think it will be popular at our book club and I can always use it to haul my laptop around.

Hee, awesome.

Actually, I need something to tote Lizzie up and down the stairs in. I wonder if any of their bags are big enough?

A My Hideous Repast/Furious Kitten concert t-shirt is probably going to be a major design project, so that'll be a while.

By any chance might Outrageous Flavor be on that bill as well? Either way, I have an interest in this shirt. :-)

SLoD stuff in general would be amazing.

*starts saving up for a My Hideous Repast/Furious Kitten concert tee*

Seriously, I can't wait.

Another SLoD merch vote

Yay for the store!

While I figure out what to order first, I wanted to put in another vote for SLoD merchandise. When Eclipse came out we were *really* wishing we had Team Littlest Edward shirts to wear for the occasion. It was hard to resist the temptation to break out the sparkly puff paints and make some ourselves.

Huzzah for a Cleolinda store! If I could bring myself to wear Twilight merch, I'd definitely pick something with that Sparking Cheerleader Edward on it.