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Store update

The CafePress store is live, as mentioned yesterday at ridiculous length. I have tweaked all the description problems, half of which were caused by me fixing the original problems.

To summarize: Marc Vuletich, bless him, did some artwork for Team Sparklepire and Team Fursplode designs:

And I did some text-based designs for "I Drive Like a Cullen (I Speed with a Whiny Teen)"; "Talk to Your Kids About Vampires (And Drugs If You Have the Time)," a general vampire comment I once made; and "Vampire control is a serious problem that affects us all...," a paragraph from one of the Varney recaps. (So if you do want to get a non-Twilight vampire design, the latter two would fit the bill.) At y'all's request, I have added a higher-res version of the design so you can see more clearly what it says without trekking back to the recap. A link to that image will also be on the front page of those sections. (I only get 200 characters for product descriptions, and that includes HTML.)

Also, I have joked for years about "the attention to detail you can expect from Cleolinda Industries," so on and so forth, so I finally brushed off my embarrassing old site and refurbished it in an incredibly serious, business-like, professional, purple way. Let's put it this way: House of Bark is listed under "services."

This is what I have spent the last, I don't know, five days or so working on, and for once in my life (or at least a very long while), I feel somewhat accomplished. I'm still trying to get writing-type work done, but I'm also going to start looking into other designs to put up next month. (The current designs aren't going anywhere.) I want to get some non-Twilight-parody designs up, so I think I'm going to try to work on something with cousins, Romans, matches, polar bears, and/or ponies next. A My Hideous Repast/Furious Kitten concert t-shirt is probably going to be a major design project, so that'll be a while. Also, my mother has given me the all-clear to use pictures of Sam, if y'all would be interested in some Petite Lap Bear magnets or something.

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