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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Accio links!
Sorry to bother you, but since it's a Harry Potter kind of week, I'd like to put these up where I can link to them all at once:

Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone in Fifteen Minutes is in the book (somewhat available in hardcover and paperback). (Icons with sample quotes.) I have no idea if we will ever do anything with the North American rights and get it published here (long story). If I can find the original document files, I may just say to hell with it and do an e-book, since I didn't sell those rights, either.

Chamber of Secrets was before I started doing these, so it hasn't been done.

Prisoner of Azkaban in Fifteen Minutes. 

Goblet of Fire in Fifteen Minutes.

Not sure why Order of the Phoenix didn't get done.

Half-Blood Prince in Fifteen Minutes. 

Deathly Hallows part one hasn't been done yet. I'm going to do both parts, hopefully, after I see the second movie this week. It may take me a while.

The Annotated M15M: Wizards e-book.

While we're here, if you have any Harry Potter-specific suggestions for CafePress designs, let me know. The current ones are a bit vampirey.

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CLEO: Dude, this is so totally how I would teach a class.

Because that pretty much is how I teach a class. The attitude, not the swearing.

Heh. That bit is actually reverse-engineered from the fact that I used to say, "I can't major in education, I can't be a teacher. I'd just tell all the kids to sit the fuck down and shut the hell up."

And now the kinds get to say that to us. Thanks double standards!

So... kids would actually learn something from you? Shock and amazement!


LOTR FANS: What are you, new?

One of my favorites, but I'm sure I'll find more!

"I think I saw a porno like this once" is one of my favorite HP15 lines :) And so appropriate for so many situations!


Maybe a drawing of a time-turner/hourglass that says "does it have a flux capacitor?" underneath?

"Pour One Out For C-Dig" would be amazing.

Dammit Jim, I wanna buy your book.
Maybe Amazon UK has it...

Found it on Amazon US, and promptly bought it.

I bought the annotated 'Wizards' m15m pdf book. Any chance you'll do the same with the Twilight m15ms?

Or just collect the m15ms you've done -since- the 1st book and put them out in pdf format? I'd buy them, even without additional commentary.

Same thing in regards to the original m15m book. Reissue it in pdf - with or without new comments and I'll buy it!

This. All of it. Though, I love your commentary.

I have actually been thinking about reviving the annotated Twilight 15Ms project, yeah. Also, putting out the book itself as an e-book, since I still retain those rights. I think I'm going to have to have my agent/lawyer look into some of the rights issues on that.

Yes, please! Pretty please? Pretty please with bacon on top?

It occurs to me-- only if you've got the time and inclination, of course-- that a second edition of the wizards e-book with the two you didn't do written especially for it would probably go over pretty well.

Oh, I like this a lot. I love the annotated eBooks, and I'd love a new Wizards one!

Well, it would make sense to eventually do one with COS, OOTP, and the two DHs, although it's kind of hugely random. But yeah.

Since you mention vampires... I was at the Seattle Art Museum last week. There was an entire room devoted to Quileutes and wolves, evidently inspired by that nation's ongoing exasperation with the Twilight phenomenon. Apparently, according to their folklore, they really are descended from wolves -- but NOT werewolves, the signs made certain to point out. (Although the wolves they're descended from turn into whales when they enter the water.)

Chief among the display was a documentary, much of which seemed to consist of Quileute kids and teenagers getting interviewed on First Beach. "We're not mean," said one, "We actually smile and joke with each other." "We don't always go running around with our shirts off," said another. "If we made a movie, it would be better," said a third. And to cap it all off, a Quileute woman told this story: "When I go to a department store and show someone my [Quileute nation] license, they say, 'You guys really exist??'"


To be fair, they eventually say in the books that they're not "werewolves," just wolf shapeshifters. The rest of it... yeah.

Werewhales would have been cool.

How about a hippogryff going "Hwwuuuu!"

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