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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Since our air conditioner is fixed and I can breathe again
galadriel helpful
All right. Let's try to resume linkspam service. First:

@mellymell: A friend needs help raising money for a lifesaving surgery. Please help & [pass on] if you can.

magtwysera: "A friend of mine- she's coloriffic on deviantart- is taking NYOP commissions over at http://coloriffic.deviantart.com/journal/41311599/#comments to pay for her sister's hospital bills."

Movie news:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 review: 9.5/10; Rupert Grint dreaded kissing Emma Watson, and 8 other revelations about Harry Potter; Want to see the Dark Knight teaser? Consider seeing Harry Potter 7.2.

@JM_Underwood: Errm, you guys? You guys? Look... http://twitpic.com/5onstl

Errm, you guys? You guys? Look... (@cleolinda @aeroplanegirl ... on Twitpic

("[Tom Felton] said, 'I am looking to get into the grime rap UK scene. I'm going to change my image--backwards caps, the lot.'")

@cleolinda: He has to be joking. He has to be.

@neonumbra: but isn't he supposed to be bartending.. In the dark?

IT'S TOLKIEN MOVIE NEWS TIME! Also known as The Hobbit: You'll Be Hearing About It For The Next Two Years, followed by part two, The Hobbit: At Least It's Not Twilight.

@stephenfry: "In the middle of giant Hobbit costume session. Beginning to think the fitting will never end. Got bling tho which is uniformly charming x" (he's playing the Master of Laketown); @theoneringnet: Frame by Frame: Peter Jackson's Production Video Number 2! Did you see Legolas? Goblin-town?; New 'Hobbit' Set Video Features Elrond And Gollum Directing! Elrond, comma, and Gollum Directing, rather. I posted a few entries about all of this on Tumblr Saturday.

Also, 'The Hobbit' Dwarves Oin and Gloin Revealed. And then... this happens.

Spike Lee Confirmed to Direct Oldboy.

Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil Makes Disney Deals For 'The Night Stalker' And Paul Revere's Midnight Ride.

@simonpegg: "Brand spanking new Tin Tin trailer has gone up. Rather exciting it is too. Take it away Mr. Spielberg."

Everything You Need to Know about Disney's John Carter Movie; Part Two Of Our Visit To The John Carter Edit Bay With Director Andrew Stanton; 'John Carter' Concept Art Previews Helium Airship and the City at Dusk.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes might be the most realistic ape revolution movie ever. I shouldn't want to see this, because I've never cared about any of the Apes movies ever, but the trailer is kind of badass and I love Andy Serkis, okay.

Check out the first posters from 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows'!; Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Trailer Footage. I believe this will also be running in front of Deathly Hallows. Also: Guys, I'm begging you... none of this "we have Cumberbatch now, death to all other Holmeses lol" stuff, at least not in my comments. The two things are so incredibly different in terms of period/setting/medium that there's just not even any point to it and I'm too tired to deal with it tonight. In conclusion: Jeremy Brett.

Ridley Scott: H.R. Giger is 'working on a major project' in 'Prometheus.' Which is the movie that is not precisely the Alien prequel, as you may recall.

Speaking of Prometheus and people who are working on it, Michael Fassbender to star in most Irish film ever.

Naomie Harris Could Play Moneypenny, Fiennes And Bardem Once Again Rumored For Bond 23.

Watch Oscar winner Rachel Weisz in an exclusive clip from 'THE WHISTLEBLOWER,' inspired by actual events.

New International Poster for 'The Muppets.'

'Grey Gardens' Director Michael Sucsy Helming Romeo And Juliet Adaptation 'Rosaline.'

Pictures from Dario Argento's 'Dracula 3D.' I was kind of jealous wary of this one, since it has been my longtime dream to screenwrite a Dracula adaptation, but I must say: Rutger Hauer is inspired casting for Van Helsing.

'Silence! The Musical' stage review. I am deeply chagrined that this is not actually a review of a silent musical.

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Hahahahaha, I love how they are using a promotional photo from Hex in that Prometheus article for Fassy.

I keep hearing about that and apparently need to watch it.

I can totally see Fiennes as Bond. HOT.

Well, Daniel Craig is coming back; Fiennes is "a darkly complex character."

More 'Planet of the Apes'? I liked the original, and well...I saw the others merely for Roddy MacDowell but I'm with you, it looks fantastic. But I'm confused, the Alien prequel...is it about the Space Jockey or isn't it? I always wanted to know...

I'm not entirely sure at this point; I keep reading conflicting things. I think they're being cryptic on purpose.

In conclusion: Jeremy Brett.

Bwahaha. But seriously, haters to the left-side egress, etc. You can have your semi-serious modern take AND your wildly-silly period take and enjoy them both, re-freakin'-lax, people. As if we wanted to chase RDJ away from what looks like a hoot of a role. Sheesh.

I really enjoy both versions, yet online so many people act as though you can only like one or the other. I think they're so different there's not really much point to comparing them.

Linkspam has returned! yay!

Yeah, that Tom story is false. He says music is a hobby, and he wants to keep it that way.

All of Tom Felton's concerts will be given in the dark. Obviously.

How could people not want all the Sherlock Holmes ever? Two versions coming out? HELLS TO THE YES. Double the sexual tension, double the fun.

I agree. More Sherlock in the world is not a bad thing at all.

Re: your Tumblr post. I seriously snorted and lol-ed at "Richard Dwarfitage."

Naomie Harris Could Play Moneypenny, Fiennes And Bardem Once Again Rumored For Bond 23.

Pardon while I bounce around like a ferret on speed.

See, at first I read that as "Naomie Harris could play Moneypenny, Fiennes AND Bardem." Which was highly amusing! A one woman James Bond movie! I like it!

OMG I hate that Planet of the Apes trailer so so bad. Monkeys are inherently creepy + I have an extremely low Uncanny Valley trip-out point=AH GOD WHAT NIGHTMARE FUEL.

That's hitting my Uncanny Valley trip out point too, so it's not just you.

Have there been any Hobbit OR Twilight pictures of Lee Pace? I need to see 'em! :)

I know! I totally want to see how they are going to create both of those characters.

(Deleted comment)
The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer

I'm sorry what

i read the cut link as something else and i honestly felt my heart jolt a little.

that's... well that's all i can think to say for the moment.

Why am I *still* so damned amused at hobbit!Martin Freeman? I can't even explain it, but it fills me with glee.

Nori's hair. What. Why? I can't even...just...what? WHY IS IT SO POINTY? There must be some incredible secrets (or drugs) in there. Warg detector, maybe?

and like a woolly cowl hood his grandma knitted him or something, like with ball tassels or some shit Aaaaand now I'm seeing that thing as the LOTR equivalent of Jayne's Cunning Hat.

In conclusion: Jeremy Brett.
Hah, yes! All of that "X Holmes is better, all other Holmeses suck"? Stop it, people. The more Holmeses we get, the better. We've got all the older, great Holmeses and now two new, equally awesome takes on him. You *can* like both Snarky Action Holmes and Snarky Sociopath Holmes. It's not either/or. HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT THE MAXIMUM AVAILABLE NUMBER OF HOLMESES? (And now I'm going to stop typing "Holmeses" before I start talking like Gollum.)

And both of them with a tough and brilliant Watson, no less!

in conclusion- jeremy brett- i love you forever

no, seriously.
i always thought you were fantastic- but mentioning MY definite holmes in mist on all these remakes and that someone recognizes how brilliant brett is/was, makes me very happy

also happy to see you around again. we all missed you.