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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Pottermas! The Potterdammerung, I daresay!
m15m hp&ss
There will be no linkspam tonight for reasons that will be apparent, although I did post several trailers on my Tumblr today. And now I don't even have time to post something ~fancy~ about the midnight Harry Potter outing because we're going an hour earlier than originally planned, after people on Twitter told me that they had been CAMPING OUT since this morning. Brb, drying my hair, looking for my wand.

In the meantime, until I get back: DISCUSS. Whatever, I don't know. I'll report back on the movie as soon as I'm coherent, which might be after sleeps.

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lol Camping out. Hope you can get a ticket!

I'm so torn over whether I'm more excited or sad.

Oh, I preordered tickets. So... we're just gonna... mill around in "lines" for a couple of hours, I don't know.

For part one, I thought we were pretty insane for getting in line at 4 pm for the midnight showing. Then we found out that the people at the very front of the line were there at 6 am THE DAY BEFORE. This is what happens when you live in a college town.

Thank gosh I'm going to a party where the tickets have been pre-bought, with reserved seating.

I think I'm pretty sad about it, to tell the truth.

Off to put my Griffyndor robes on.

Actually have the time open to go to a midnight showing, but won't because no one is available/wants to go with me, as I'm living away from home at the moment, and Roommate has to work. I has a sad. :(

We'll probably go tomorrow evening sometime, but a midnight showing and Roommate's 9 A.M. shift start Do Not Coincide, which is completely understandable - I'd say the same, even, if it were me! Luckily I'm off both today and tomorrow. Now I just need to figure out how to see DH and Winnie the Pooh and who's coming with me to each.

Also need to figure out some kind of payment schedule for my season pass for Islands of Adventure because the rest of the roommates and I WILL be making a pilgrimage there at least several times. Oh, the joys of living in Orlando!

a midnight showing and Roommate's 9 A.M. shift start Do Not Coincide

Just me that does that kind of thing then? Lol.

The cinema is an hour away from where I live so I didn't get home til 3.30 am! Still managed to get up and ready for work in time for 9.00 am. I feel copious amounts of coffee will be the order of the day!

(Deleted comment)
My FAVORITE MOVIE THEATER is showing the movie! It's not one of the big multiplexes that usually show this kind of thing, it's an artsy theater that was built in the 20s and has decorations of, like, gold elephants and buddhas and sweeping red curtains and stuff. Basically Baz Luhrmann's dream theater. And there's an organ that DISAPPEARS INTO THE FLOOR of the main stage, and a dude in suspenders plays the organ before the Friday night 7pm showing. It also has a BALCONY, so the main theater never sells out.

Anyway, I am SO EXCITE about this. I'm getting too old for midnight showings (especially when I have to work the next morning), so I'm going on Friday night instead and it will be AWESOME.

Is it an atmospheric? We have an atmospheric, very similar but with a Venice theme instead of India. It's freaking awesome...by atmospheric, if you don't know, it always looks like an enchanted night sky on the ceiling complete with twinkling stars.

That's so awesome though, I love the old theatres. Now, they were built RIGHT.

I am costumed up (as an unnamed ravenclaw) and ready to go!

Me and my friend are leaving very soon (7pm for us) and going to dinner. Afterwards, we'll go over to the theater. We probably wont get the greatest spots, BUT hopefully we're early enough not to get stuck in the front row.

I am a little miffed with nature right now because it caused me to get severely sick around the time I was going to pre-order my tickets for opening night. Naturally everything is sold out so I have to wait until God knows when before I can watch the damn thing.

I do think I shall be bedecked in my Gryffindor tie and my wand though whenever I do go. True, it won't be the same as being decked out on opening weekend, but I still think it counts...

I saw it Tuesday. It's fabulous, but be prepared to be disappointed at the changes made.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

So, what happened in 2007 wasn't the only Potterdammerung. It turned out to be Potterdammerung Part I: The Book. This is now Potterdammerung Part II: The Movie.


MTE. Actually, I went: "What, we're doing this again? *considers* Well, okay, of course we're doing this again. It's the Potterfen."

I saw the midnight screening on the 13th. LOVED IT. But now I feel a bit lost. There goes my childhood.

Glad that our cinemas had reserved seating, none of this huge lining up. There were something like 5 sessions going on though at the cinema I went to.

You probably went to the same cinema as I did!

One of our local theatres has not only midnight showings but 3AM showings. That's right, they ran out of screens and so are going back-to-back with showings on some of them. (Those poor employees). And I don’t live in a college town. I still couldn't get tickets. Oh well, I'll go with my dad sometime tomorrow- he who used to practically rip the books from my hands when I returned from getting them at midnight.

I do feel like a bit of my childhood is ending.

Having to clean the cinema after it's trashed by Potter fans might be spoiling my views on this film, it's been 4 days since I saw it.
There was Quidditch at our release. Do you get Quidditch?

We did not get Quidditch but we did get a cute singing troupe doing songs from the musical beforehand. It was just a bunch of people waiting for the 2:30am showing who went into all the other theaters around 11ish (where people were waiting for the 12:30, 12:40, etc showings) and singing for them.

Oh! And also my best friend decided to do trivia, but felt like she's too old to do it, so we handed the questions to the adorably costumed high schoolers in the row in front of us and they did a fabulous job.

I got to the theater about 8, and they let us into the auditorium about nine, which was weird, but much nicer than sitting on the floor.

And I gotta tell ya, I am SO PLEASED with one of the changes. We'll see if anyone else agrees with me. :)

It was magnificent! Just got back from the theatre, actually. I just... you know, crying and laughing, and sadness and completion all rolled in one.

My sis and I got in line about 6:30 here in Dallas? Not bad but for the waiting. Ended up with middle middle seats, my favorite kind.

I'm fairly incoherent, and can't get my thoughts in order so I'll leave this until tomorrow. Other than my two loudest thoughts during the movie. Draco? Still a GQ Motherfucker. Neville? Total BAMF, and he gets my vote for the next James Bond. For real. Just look at those red carpet photos if you doubt! Dayum...

Neville as next James Bond is the BEST IDEA EVER.

I...... cried. Did not expect it to be half that good. Hope you enjoyed!