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Sad real-world news

Between a massive explosion and a shooting at a Labour Party youth camp, 92 dead in Norway attacks. The victim count has been rising as recovery efforts continue. At the moment, 85 deaths, mostly kids, have been reported from the island camp alone.

Norway attacks: latest developments being added on; Norway attacks: ‘A nightmare,’ PM says; suspect identified; at least 92 dead. Selected snippets:

The official death toll as a result of Friday's explosion in Oslo stands at 7 and 90 people have been hospitalized, a spokesman for the city's mayor said.

Undetonated explosives were found on Utoya Island, where a gunman opened fire earlier in the day on a Labour Party Youth Camp, Oslo, Norway, acting Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim said late Friday night.

Authorities believe the man traveled to the island from Oslo, where at least seven were killed in a bombing in the city center. The suspect, a 32-year-old Norwegian, was taken into custody after he killed or wounded an unknown number of people, Sponheim said.

Investigators are uncertain whether only one suspect was involved in twin attacks in Norway that killed at least 92 people Friday, Norwegian police said Saturday.

"We're not sure it's just one person ... based on statements from witnesses, we think there may be more," said Sveinung Sponheim, chief police officer.

One man is in custody.

"At least 80 young people have been killed on Utøya. We have also lost some of our colleagues in the government offices," [the Prime Minister] said.

Youth camp 'turned to hell'; Survivor: Victims tried to swim away. Also, from the BBC: How attacks happened.

@BreakingNews: Police: Website of suspect in youth camp attack, Oslo bombing indicates he is right-wing, Christian fundamentalist

@BreakingNews: Oslo bomb-camp shooter suspect, age32, called himself a nationalist, posted anti-Islam comments

@bellamackie: Norway Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg: "The answer to violence, is even more democracy. Even more humanity."

Then, a few minutes ago:

@cnnbrk: Singer #AmyWinehouse found dead at her apartment in London, UK Press Association reports, She was 27.

@cnnbrk: Singer #AmyWinehouse, who reportedly was found dead Saturday, had recently left a rehab program.

@SkyNewsBreak: Sky Sources: Police treating death of singer Amy Winehouse as "unexplained."

I'm keeping an eye on the Norway developments, and will post the movie linkspam later.

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