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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I am sleepy, AND YET
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I bring you a final (presumably) SDCC/movie linkspam. To begin:

@dcwomenkicknass: DC Comics SDCC panels: uncomfortable questions about female creators/characters. Apparently what happened was, a woman dressed as Batgirl (with a young girl dressed as Spoiler) (I don't know who Spoiler is) (just go with it) kept going to comics panels and asking questions:

[Quoting:] The same Batgirl-clad fan who made appearances at many DC panels over the weekend asked why there aren’t more female creators on DC titles. DiDio said that DC Comics hires the best writers and artists they can, to much applause from the audience.

A huge round of applause, I heard. And certainly not in support of the woman.

[Writer Grant] Morrison quipped that he looks great in a dress, to which the questioner responded, “I appreciate you trying to brush me off.” Morrison then encouraged women in the audience to submit their work to DC.

(Note: DC does not accept blind submissions.)

To which theinfamouskat on Tumblr says, "I’ve got breasts. I’ve got a vag. And I fucking love comics, video games, and tech stuff. Anyone with a problem can fucking eat me. And the first person to make a “fem-nazi” comment is going to get one of Morrison’s dresses shoved so far up their ass, they’ll be tasting lace for the next nine years."

And finally, from comics writer Gail Simone: "Anyone who can't see that the female fan base is growing is just not reading the Internet or going to conventions."

Why is this so difficult to understand?


Weekend Box-Office: 'Captain America' Holds the Highest Superhero Opening of 2011... For Now.

@TomFelton: Pretty proud to say I'm probably the only kid that ever hugged Voldemort. Even if it was awkward #voldemorthuggedme

More SDCC panel fun:


'Superman' Henry Cavill stumps for 'Immortals' and raves about 'Man of Steel' script; In new Immortals footage, the gods are young, pissed off, and ultra-violent; Comic-Con: Five Things We Learned from the 'Immortals' Panel.

@mtgilchrist: every time kellan lutz says poseidon is "the god of wetness," it's creepier than the last. #sdcc

@jenyamato: Also: To my great disappointment, Stephen Dorff not so familiar with 'Stephen Dorff is Filled with Rage' #sdcc

Rise of the Prequel of the Return of the Planet of the Apes

@moviesdotcom: Dialogue: Andy Serkis on Apes, Hobbits, King Kong and Directing Alongside Peter Jackson; Three New Clips From Rise of the Planet of the Apes. FYI, I rarely watch movie clips. I've discovered that I actually get bored in movies if I watch so many clips that I feel like I've already seen the movie. Trailers I will sometimes watch--after all, sometimes they're a completely different little mini-movie than the movie they're advertising. My point here, really, is: ILU Andy Serkis.


Comic-Con/Panel: Francis Ford Coppola Tries to Reinvent the Filmmaking Experience with 'Twixt'; 2011 Comic-Con: Francis Ford Coppola Plans 30-City Tour For New Film 'Twixt'; @ElisabethRappe: "The panel got weird for a second, Coppola and Kilmer began singing techno Goth and dancing in their Poe masks." I just feel like that last bit should be repeated from yesterday.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Close-up versions of the Snow White and the Hunstman images have been added now as well; Charlize Theron to Kristen Stewart at the Snow White panel: 'I'm ready for it, bitch. Let's go.'

IDK, KStew seems kind of sad about having wandered off the set of Minas Tirith. IRONIC TRUFAX: Viggo Mortensen was first actor in talks for the Huntsman role. Sit back and let your mind marinate in that for a while.

While we're here, speaking of fantasy: Knights of Badassdom footage shows off Peter Dinklage's drugged up, double sword wielding LARPer. Related: George R.R. Martin talks 'Game of Thrones.'

Cowboys & Aliens

2011 Comic-Con: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Reactions (there was a preview screening); @io9: Cowboys and Aliens will blow you away and make you cry; Read Jon Favreau's adorably awesome speech before the Comic-Con premiere of Cowboys & Aliens. Related: Harrison Ford to Play Wyatt Earp in Black Hats.

The Darkest Hour

Comic-Con: 'The Darkest Hour' Electrifies the Alien Invasion Genre (New Images Inside); The Darkest Hour promises aliens who are truly alien.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

First trailer for Avatar: The Legend of Korra shows off the new steampunk metropolis; @made_of_fail: An alternate (read: lower quality) source for Legend of Korra trailer for those outside the US.


SDCC Exclusive: Ghost Rider Himself... Nicolas Cage; Nightmarish new Ghost Rider pees fire from his glitter pants.

@cleolinda: I wonder if he can get ghost antibiotics for that.


Comic-Con 2011: Colin Farrell and other 'Fright Night' stars on original film and a celebrity cameo.

Related, on the strange logic-train of my mind:

@raidswindmills: I didn't see this on your linkspam, Anne Rice's new book about werewolves

@cleolinda: Oh dear.


Hot Trailer: Steven Soderbergh's 'Haywire.' There are no movies Michael Fassbender is not in. There are only movies you have not found him in yet.

Speaking of movies about mixed martial arts: 'Warriors' stars Tom Hardy & Joel Edgerton chat mixed martial arts (video).

2011 Comic-Con: Jim Henson's Lost Script. "There was one more crowd-pleasing announcement: Archaia is working on comic-book prequels to LABYRINTH and THE DARK CRYSTAL, both in collaboration with original conceptual artist Brian Froud. Now, if they'd just finally get some movement going on the cinematic sequels everybody wants..." This in addition to the existing Labyrinth manga, mind you.

'Family Guy' producer makes Amy Winehouse joke at Comic-Con. Talk about "too soon": "Writer and producer Steve Callaghan appeared to learn the news of Amy Winehouse while up on stage." Meanwhile, Russell Brand on Amy Winehouse and addiction, and a blog post I came across called "Yes, I’m an addict too: Why I’m no different to Amy Winehouse."

First Look Concept Art: 'Avengers' Assemble with Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Oh, there's plenty of women represented in comics, I don't know what anyone's talking about.

We saw the first hour of Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova!

A preview of 'The Captains,' William Shatner's bizarre musical documentary tribute to Star Trek; Only At Comic-Con: William Shatner Leads Thousands of Fans in Epic "KHAN!!!!"

Adorbs alert! Meet Hit Girl, the youngest cosplayer at Comic-Con?

And thus, as far as I know, another Comic-Con came to an end. Although some more snippets of news or panel reports will probably come out tomorrow. Shhhhh.


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"There are no movies Michael Fassbender is not in. There are only movies you have not found him in yet."

Michael Fassbender: the new Claude Rains.

this comment is wonderful. I don't know much about m fassbender, but i know a lot about claude rains. This makes your point crystal clear.

I think Spoiler is a fabulous superhero name, because you could run around going, "SPOILER ALERT!"

Sorry, I could not help but make this comment as I have had too much sweet tea today and am high on sugar.

Spoiler really is a super hero name!

There are no movies Michael Fassbender is not in. There are only movies you have not found him in yet.

This is a fact I can happily live with.

I have nothing useful or thoughtful to add. I just want to say how absolutely DARLING that last picture is.

Anne Rice, why couldn't you have come out with a werewolf novel back when I actually liked your writing? Which was *checks calendar* -- oh, gosh, twenty years ago now.

*points down to her comment*

She didn't write about werewolves for a very good reason.

As a female comics fan, there's not much I can say anymore in response to things like that DC Comic-Con panel. The contempt and indifference the industry has for its female audience has just worn me out.

(Deleted comment)
I'm pretty sure I saw a kid the same age or younger than that Hit Girl dressed as a Dalek. I also saw a little girl dressed as a Weeping Angel and a girl dressed as Castiel from Supernatural.

Jon Favreau was around the afterparty for a hot second before he attempted to escape the mass of fans waving pens and cameras at him. He looked a little frightened.

This was interesting to hear about, thank you.

It's interesting that you brought up the lack of women represented in comics when talking about The Avengers. Avengers is a Marvel thing and I actually was at some of their panels. At one of them, someone got up and asked when there'd be more diversity represented in the big Marvel movies, since they are all white dudes pretty much at the moment. And they answered pretty well, I thought! Basically they said that they agreed and want to put out more big movies with the range of characters Marvel has (and they do have a lot, but unfortunately most of the big diversity characters come from the X-Men, which they are so far unwilling to mix with the Avenger universe) but they want to build up the brand name amongst non-nerd audience so that people get to a point where they'll go see a Marvel movie because it's a Marvel movie, and then that movie with be a hit and they don't have to worry about the studio people deciding that superhero movies with female/non-white/etc leads aren't going to sell because they hadn't built up the brand enough with movies featuring the more household names, which are all the older popular characters, which, unfortunately, are pretty much all white dudes.

Also, YOU GUYS SHOULD ALL LEARN WHO SPOILER IS BECAUSE SHE IS KICKASS awww yeah, Stephanie Brown. She took up crime fighting as an amateur basically just because her dad was a crime lord and she wanted to stop him specifically, and then she became a love interest for the Robin of the time, Tim Drake, and then she was Robin herself for a short time, and then they killed her, BUT THEN it turned out that she was not dead after all and now she is Batgirl! Until, the reboot, I guess, I'm not sure what they are doing with her there. Her handling varies from writer to writer, with some of the biggest issues being centered around her death and how that was handled, but I adore her, personally. She has a lot of growth as a character and has evolved a lot from what she started as.

It does not surprise me, though, that DiDio would say stuff like that. He is not my favorite, especially around handling female characters.

I was about to say--to be fair, Marvel has the X-Men (and -Women), so that was a slightly cheap shot on my part. And still, at the same time... all the Avengers have is Black Widow. And who's the other girl, Maria Hill? Someone we have never seen before in the movies? And seeing it all laid out in the artwork does kind of highlight that.

I don't know that it's the best strategy, but I can at least respect a strategy that appears to have diversity as its end goal, as opposed to the DC response.

(Deleted comment)
The Legend of Korra trailer makes me all kinds of SQUEE.

INORITE? Those location shots were stunning and Korra was riding a horse-bear(?) and kicking people in the face! What more could I ask for?

Cowboys and Aliens is sooooorely testing my resolution to not support any actors who support Roman Polanski. :( What do I do

who supports polanski that it's in the movie?

(I'm hoping neither harrison ford nor daniel craig cause i really, really like them)

That Tom Felton comment was pure win! Only he forgot Harry also hugged Voldemort when they jumped off that cliff.

YAY! Legend of Korra Trailer! *excite*

Well, Draco had left the battle by the time Harry hugged Voldemort off the cliff, so he wouldn't know about that. *nods*

*flails incoherently*

As for cinematic sequels to the Labyrinth, eh. Not if it's based on the manga.
Besides which, who would they possibly get to play the Goblin King? Anyone is a poor substitution to Bowie.

I read the plot summary of the four manga volumes, and ehhhhhhhh. One of the Amazon reviews pointed out that it was fan service, but it wasn't even fan service done right. Like, seriously, how was this not 400 pages of illustrated Jareth and Sarah fic? Don't tell me a fan comes to a tie-in novel to read about stranger-people original characters.

Wait: I say that, but... Star Wars.

Edited at 2011-07-25 04:15 am (UTC)

Wait, Anne Rice's sister already wrote melodramatic weird werewolf books (which I loved as a teenager, tbh). This is going to make Thanksgiving so awkward. "God, we agreed that I get werewolves! You're always taking my things!"

I didn't even know she HAD a sister! Heh. "You got vampires AND witches! I hate you!"

"And finally, from comics writer Gail Simone: "Anyone who can't see that the female fan base is growing is just not reading the Internet or going to conventions." "

It's not new. I wrote a feature that wasn't published (it was for a college course) about the increase of female comic book readers. In 1996.

Eh, didn't Rice, like, find God and disavow her supernatural/vampire/witch/demon books or something? Or did I make that up?

Yeah, something like that. But now she's apparently taken back the disavowal and gone back to being Catholic from being Christian. (The whole becoming Christian bit was the reason for the original "no more vampires" thing.) Which...I guess means she's totes okay with the vampires/witches/demons/werewolves and such again? Yeah,