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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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twilight lolcat
...and it was pretty much what I expected, everything a Breaking Dawn movie had to be and could not help but be, etc. Given that 1) the book is what it is and 2) the filmmakers have always been under order to be scrupulously faithful to it, it's... it just is, okay? It is a filmed experience of the book, which says pretty much everything you need to know about it. Also, maybe I just feel such monumental pity for the kid that I didn't even think Taylor Lautner was bad. The imprinting itself was somehow as tasteful as Melissa Rosenberg could think to write it, and my audience was, as Twilight audiences in Birmingham have always somehow been, worshipfully quiet, so I didn't get the enjoyment of listening to the entire theater freak out. The closest they got was some knowing "Ohhhhh, here we go"-type laughter right as Jacob approached the baby. They didn't even have an audible reaction to the vampire caesarean.

Also, stay for an extra scene in the middle of the credits, because Aro is my spirit guide.

@cleolinda: All right. Time to chagrin my dazzle. Pray for me. #leavingthehouseomg #breakingdawn #sparklemas

@ladonnapietra: @cleolinda And yea, though you walk through the valley of the reflection of sparkles...

@particle_person: @cleolinda Best wishes! May you not see anything unseeable or hear the unhearable!

@cleolinda: Oh, I've seen leaked stuff. It's too late for that.

@particle_person: I meant the audience, actually. ;-)

@cleolinda: HAAAAAAAA

@cleolinda: Well, my purse and I got the front row, at least.

Well, my purse and I got the front row, at least. on Twitpic

@cleolinda: (I will not be live tweeting. The lights haven't even gone down yet, we've got a few minutes to kill.)

@cleolinda: Wtf? RT @alierakieron: My SiL had someone faint on top of her at last night's show. Usher said it was the second one of the night.


@cleolinda: Well, that happened. You guys, I think I can do this. #thatofwhichwedonotspeak #breakingdawn #sparklemas

So I'm going to be writing as fast as I can for the next couple of days, because I think I can do this, possibly, in a semi-timely fashion--I basically sat there thinking a Fifteen Minutes the whole time, although, fuck my life, I forgot to bring any paper for notes. Well, I may be seeing it again tomorrow, so. I have thought of--I won't say a "gimmick," exactly, but a unifying, running joke, like the Viking saga in Eclipse, that will probably help me through a lot of it. You don't have to have one, but it helps you approach a scene you get stuck on from a different perspective. AND GOD KNOWS I WILL NEED IT.

Jesus, my head hurts.


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I think I would enjoy it more, in the way that you enjoy Twilight movies, a lot more the second time, because I was so tense through the whole thing, wondering how embarrassing it was going to get.

This is me as well. I spent my time watching almost hiding behind my hair at some points. Now that I know what to expect, I would enjoy a second viewing more.

Well, also, I know there isn't really anything to worry about. I was mostly freaked out because I had seen the original bits and pieces that were a lot more graphic, and I was just like, please don't make me watch this in a room full of people who are way too invested in this particular moment.

They might be saving that for the Director's Cut Bluray release. Which will be thankfully be in the privacy of their own home.

don't make me watch this in a room full of people who are way too invested in this particular moment

Okay, when you put it like that... *shudder* *blush* *hides under chair*

Yeahhhhhh. I know I must sound really repressed or immature, given that the honeymoon section is what I was freaked out about, but--look, I have delved too deep into this fandom. I know what some of these fans are thinking. I have seen things that cannot be unseen. Like homemade underwear with Edward's face printed on the inside. There are terrors in a dark theater that no blogger should face.

"Homemade underwear with Edward's face printed on the inside."





It isn't . . . it isn't the existence. It's the talking about it. To an audience that could number in the millions. It's the knowing that somebody sitting next to you could be wearing them while watching RPattz get his vamp on. And has INFORMED THE ENTIRE WORLD OF THIS FACT.

On the other hand, the idea of someone actually going to the trouble of making a pair of panties with a movie character's face printed on the inside made me chortle sporadically all afternoon after the initial shock and horror wore off.

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