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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Happy Turkeymas, you guys
twilight lolcat
Breaking Dawn in Fifteen Minutes.

ETA: Oh, I forgot: the Cleolinda Industries tip jar.

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Yay! Congrats!

Now take a nice, long break and indulge yourself. You've earned it.

Cleo, I'm so glad you were able to do this. I love the Fifteen Minutes. Also you are the booooooomb!

Now I know how I'm spending my lunch break :)

Whoo! And this saves me from actually having to see it!

You should still see it though, completely cracktastic and will confirm how much stuff Cleo doesn't make up for her m15m.

ah! thank you thank you!

finally my crappiest of all weeks is looking up

Nicely done Miss Cleo, nicely done.

"A Tasteful Sex Montage" - is dead!

Hillarible from start to finish. I salute you!

Thank you! And a very merry sparkling turkeymas to you as well.

You've outdone yourself, Cleo. Is your tip jar still working? I hope so, because I just donated. Hey, if I paid to see this movie...
I'm not sure what made me laugh the hardest - the callback to premarital underpants, 'Queen to my clothes on the floor, baby,' the Babytron 3000, ... aw, there's too many to list.
Also, for some reason, I got a 'drinking game' vibe from this one; "a scene that must have happened - TAKE A SHOT"

Also-also, did you actually have Jacob channel Granny Weatherwax? (That's the first thing that comes to my mind from 'I can't even be having with this')

Aw, thanks! I totally forgot to link to the tip jar.

I haven't read any Terry Pratchett except Good Omens yet--I keep meaning to--so I didn't know that was associated with Discworld. It's mostly a Southernism to me.

(SNERK!) I can see Edward writing Jacob that invitation.

Not to undercut the effort that you must have made, but this movie practically made fun of itself. Bella's mom sings a song at the wedding, cut to Bella's dad knocking 'em back.

I love your scenes that must have happened. Emmett is so great. I wish there had been more of him; he would have acted exactly like this.

"Check out my underpants, baby, they're marital now."

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH! "Premarital underpants" were the main reason why I read these books in the first place, and if Meyer et al. ever sue you, you can tell them that!

And apparently, Nessie grows up into Arwen Undomiel.

Nice Job! You snark hard so we don't have to. Saves me from having to see that which cannot be unseen.

That...was AMAZING. Thank you so much!

Yay, thank you Sparklemas Santa! Hee.

Definitely going to go to the tip jar after I finish reading :D

And, you know, I haven't even watched the movie yet but I don't care because apparently that's how I roll.