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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Happy Turkeymas, you guys
twilight lolcat
Breaking Dawn in Fifteen Minutes.

ETA: Oh, I forgot: the Cleolinda Industries tip jar.

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I haven't watched this one... but I still snorted the whole way through. HILARIOUS.

Thank you for this so much, Cleo. And when I get some monies, some will definitely be going into the Tip Jar for all of the awesomeness.


but why no ´Where is your God now´tag??

Because we know where the Twilight god is? :D

(At the wedding and I only spotted her because I was looking.)

lol yeah, LOVED that in the 15 minutes

I've been looking forward to this like Christmas!

And it's finally here, JOY!!!

The Chris Hansen joke at the end KILLED me :). It's gonna make a great Paedowolf/m15m icon. Also, Emmett! Trying to enlighten poor Edward on the cowgirl position, ha! I now have this slightly disturbing (maybe not so disturbing?) visual of Rosalie playing "mechanical bull" with Emmett. Heh o_0.

Thanks for this, Cleo. :) I took longer than 15 minutes to read it, because I was reading a bit, then moving furniture, then reading a bit more, then cleaning, then reading a bit more, then moving furniture (lather, rinse, repeat). I am preparing to move house (again), and reading this a bit at a time was a fantastic way to reward myself for cleaning etc. So: THANKS! :D