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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Happy Turkeymas, you guys
twilight lolcat
Breaking Dawn in Fifteen Minutes.

ETA: Oh, I forgot: the Cleolinda Industries tip jar.

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(SNERK!) I can see Edward writing Jacob that invitation.

Not to undercut the effort that you must have made, but this movie practically made fun of itself. Bella's mom sings a song at the wedding, cut to Bella's dad knocking 'em back.

I love your scenes that must have happened. Emmett is so great. I wish there had been more of him; he would have acted exactly like this.

"Check out my underpants, baby, they're marital now."

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH! "Premarital underpants" were the main reason why I read these books in the first place, and if Meyer et al. ever sue you, you can tell them that!

And apparently, Nessie grows up into Arwen Undomiel.

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