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Happy Actual Turkeymas!

A few things:

I did, in fact, post Breaking Dawn in Fifteen Minutes, and "A Scene That Must Have Happened" was the running-gag not-gimmick I was referring to earlier. (Y'all, I'm just saying: I completely believe that all of those things must have happened. For some reason, this book/movie was filled with a ton of Fridge Logic moments.) I am very pleased with the way it turned out, actually. I don't think I've ever had so much fun writing one of these before, and there was very little anxiety involved. (I actually think it kicked me into something of a manic episode--I didn't sleep very well and had a hard time eating, but felt GREAT. Or was it coincidence? A lucky moodswing break? Sparkle is the best medicine? I don't know.) Honestly, though, if there was ever a movie suited to a Fifteen Minutes, it was going to be this one. LJ isn't sending me comment notifications at the moment, but I'm trying to keep up with comments and subsequent replies by ENDLESSLY REFRESHING as best I can.

(Raunchiest thing I've ever written, and my mother loves it. And also y'all's comments. God bless.)


I'm not saying this doesn't creep me the hell out. I'm just saying that the Bloggess wearing a real wolf pelt, head and all, to Breaking Dawn is the best worst thing ever.

"The whole time I had my hand over my face. I was thinking, I cannot legitimately talk about this as an obstetrician."

The Cherpumple piecaken. My sister is considering attempting a pumpchoccan one now.

Nothing to link to on this one, but I have put in an official request for a Pallas cat Webkinz. We shall see.

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