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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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"Sparkle consultant" is actually on my business card
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So! The Aromaleigh Primavera boxes that Freddie (@Tattle_Crime, reporter extraordinaire, hair game too strong) and I consulted on should have all arrived now, and the very limited-quantity extras are available. (GO GO GO!). So I wanted to walk through the themes and the visual inspirations and all of that, because honestly, matching the colors to the pictures has always been my favorite part.

First things first: the seasons 1-2 collection, the thirty "This Is My Design" colors, continue to be available. (I highly recommend Chrysalis, as it is both sparkly and easy to wear.) This year, though, Kristen's wanted to get into smaller batch collections, so she decided to do pre-orders for two boxed sets, one for the Florence half of season 2 and onse for the Red Dragon half. Thus, Kristen wanted to pull the themes for the first box from a painting that ended up being a major plot point in the first half: Botticelli's La Primavera.

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Checkin' checkin' in
twilight lolcat
So "let's take a day to livetweet Surprise Gender Swap Twilight" (yes, this is a real, official Stephenie Meyer book. This is not a drill) turned into a comparative-gender-studies week-long ordeal and I haven't even gotten to Vampire Baseball yet. (I'm over on my secondary Twitter account, @cleolindajones, for all this.) I'm having a lot of fun with it, but I definitely needed to take yesterday off, catch up on my sleep, and work on an Aromaleigh post. (Extras from the sold-out Primavera box will be available in the next few days? Don't let Kristen know I let you see this.) (I think Luciferus is the one I talked her into doing as an open edition? I didn't let you see this either.)

Anyway, if you'd like to catch up, here are the collected livetweets by day:


Also, the other week I posted a multimedia Dragon Con writeup detailing my adventures, including meeting Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams, aka the "darling boy" story (*facepalm*), plus two different podcasts I was on to discuss it if you've ever wanted to hear me shout "FUCK A FUCKING DUCK," whee.

There is somehow a Surprise New Gender Swap Twilight Book, and I have been livetweeting it on my secondary twitter at a snail's pace all day long (I keep getting caught up in comparing the versions, which will surprise no one who reads the Hannibal recaps). Yes: Beaufort Swan and Edythe Cullen. My right hand to God.

Speaking of which, bonus Storify: That time I decided Edward was a disappointing son that Hannibal kicked out.

(ahhhhh I was getting done with the "Contorno" recap, daaaaamn youuuuuu)

hannibal, red dragon
For the full multimedia experience, hit Storify #1 (general adventures) and/or Storify #2 (only Hannibal-related happenings plus the Fan Expo in Canada the same weekend). Also, I'm on the latest, Hannibal series retrospective episode of A Matter of Taste, and they give me the first half hour to tell Dragon Con stories. (I was also surprisingly emotional about Hannigram. "He just wants to be with his mongoose!!") Emily and I also--after a great deal of technical trouble--have posted a fully Dragon Con-themed Made of Fail with our collected adventures, including the un-Hannibal-related ones. The AMOT stories were recorded second and so are a bit more practiced, but MOF has Emily's side of the experience as well. (Also, me shouting "FUCK A FUCKING DUCK!") So I've listed time codes throughout for your convenience, and you can actually hear me tell these stories aloud if you so desire.

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Super quick update
hannibal, red dragon
We're currently working on the pre-ordered Aromaleigh boxes--Primavera will go out early next month, I think?--and I wanted to set up some tags for "inspiration post" discussions of those. I think we may have an extra surprise on the way as well, plus extras from both Primavera and Red Dragon will be available at some point, so keep an eye out for that.

Quick updates
Finally recovering from my probably convention-induced sinus infection. Even after I fought off a tickle of a cough that only lasted a day or two, I felt weirdly clammy, not-feverish, and exhausted for another whole week. I mean, honestly, I was still that sick six weeks after Dragon Con 2014, so I'll take it. There's also some personal stuff going on--I'm used to a lot of creepy on the internet, but experiencing some of it IRL this month kind of rattled me, I think. Read more...Collapse )

Con recovery update
hannibal, red dragon
‏@cleolinda: I fought it off for several days, but I seem to have succumbed to a belated concrud: sinus infection. Woe.

@foresthouse: Maaaan, I thought we were creeping under the Con Crud wire this year.

@cleolinda: It's POSSIBLE this is due to all the home repair kicking up dust and aggravating my allergies.

Yeah... about that.


So I have finally been felled by crud; jury’s out as to whether it came from Dragon Con or not. While I am totally doofy on cold medicine, I’m still doing a lot better than I was this time last year (I had the flu. FOR SIX WEEKS), so I’m getting a writeup done based around a couple of Storify posts (tweets, pictures, etc.) I threw together when I came home:

General adventures (still working on)

Hannibal-related, i.e., Scott and Aaron, but also including pictures/reports that came in simultaneously from Mads’ appearances at Fan Expo in--was it Toronto? mysticowl ended up at his Q&A by chance and reported from it via Twitter.

Meanwhile, foresthouse and I will be recording a podcast tomorrow discussing our adventures; if my congestion clears up, I may be able to properly recount the Q&As.

Also, newly uploaded: first half of the 2nd Q&A; the stormtrooper invasion will be in the second half. A TON of great stuff is in this first half, though. "He knows what he's doing." "He LOVES it when vegetables fantasize about him."

Home again, home again
hannibal, red dragon
I survived Dragon Con!

SHORT VERSION: I had A Very Long, Very Hannibal Weekend. The fan panel giveaway was wonderfully smooth; I went to all three of Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams' Q&As and got pictures signed for Freddie; I met tons of people and hung out with friends and generally had a great time (and even the elevator fight is mostly just a funny story now). I seem to have dodged any kind of deathly con crud--in fact, other than my feet and lower thighs, which are all super mad at me, I feel pretty damn good--but I'm really tired and full of frozen custard at the moment. Let me hit you with some quick links:


I'm collecting tweets and things as a foundation for some kind of writeup, so these are posts in progress; general adventures are in the first Storify and Hannibal-related things are in the second. (Alina found herself at a Mads Mikkelsen Q&A at the Fan Expo in Toronto, so I ended up folding in tweets and pictures from that convention as well.) I'm going to go ahead and let you look at all the miscellaneous posts, though, so you can tell me what you'd like to hear about most when I write it up a little more.

Evening updates
hannibal, red dragon
I posted the 3x04 "Aperitivo" recap this morning. It was about 90% drafted before the finale aired, so it is largely written without any hindsight, but if you would like to skip some apparently foreshadowy conjecture at the beginning, jump here.

However, if you have seen "The Wrath of the Lamb," I think you'll want to read it from the beginning. To a similar end, I put together a Storify re: a number of book/movie/show parallels in the final after-credits scene. You can interpret that scene any way you want, I ain't gonna stop you (I actually kind of dig one interpretation for the penultimate scene and a contradictory one for the stinger), but I'm hearing that the broadcast was so dark for a lot of people that they missed a key moment.

As for how contradictory interpretations could work--think of the "multiverse" conversation in "Primavera." Everything that can happen, happens. It has to end well and it has to end badly. It has to end every way it can. Pick the one(s) you like, or all of them simultaneously, and enjoy.

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