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Regarding Hannibal S3

I've been hearing about some misinformation flying around, and since I've spent the past couple of days herding Hannibal-related SDCC links into Storify posts, I thought I'd put together what they've told us about season three--which is a lot more than people may realize. In order to take all this in, though, you will have to throw out everything you assume and expect the show is going to do; I had to. I think it sounds amazing, but it does not follow a chronological books/movies outline. Basically, all bets are off, and we really cannot assume anything--not even what they have told us before now, because they've also said that they're open to "course-correcting" as they go based on where the story takes them. Throw out literally everything you have heard before this weekend, because unless they re-confirm it, they may not be doing it at all.

MASSIVE SPOILERS, with more on sources at the end: Collapse )

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I keep thinking a "pannibal" ought to have something to do with bread

To begin, Miss Freddie has posted her interview with director/producer David Slade (pictured here with her business card. Nor is he the only one...). She was, in fact, my date to the Pannibal last night, in the sense that we sat on Skype all night on the other side of the country and laughed our asses off. ppyajunebug was actually there, liveblogging under her "pannibal" tag on Tumblr with a number of pictures and short video clips on Vine, because she is awesome. Herewith, various things I collected over the course of the evening:

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