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I'm kind of limp and draggy today which is absolutely fine because I plan to do NOT A DAMN THING TODAY. I finished my final proof yesterday (I still have to check a DVD for a few things, blah blah finishing touches blee but ALL THE LINKS HAVE BEEN CLICKED and ALL THE CROSS-REFERENCES HAVE BEEN CHECKED, hallelujah), and I pretty much plan on having pancakes for lunch and watching Hitchcock movies all afternoon. If I am very lucky, there might even be bacon.

Also, I think my mother feels kind of guilty about the Cleo Saves Her Family initiative, because she saw a guy selling jewelry at the [university center] yesterday and picked up a couple of moonstones for me. The key is from the 1890s; I don't know why the guy was selling keys, but he was, and Black Ribbon starts in 1889, so that's why she got it for me. Aw.

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IT IS SO COLD, YAY! I don't think I've ever pulled out Queen Susan this early in the year. Although that was partly because I forgot that my mother had put my two sweater coats into the cedar closet, and I was tearing up the house in despair looking for them (the blue one is gorgeous! and the black one has a HOOD, y'all) so I would have something to wear outside. Next up: the hot chocolate. I hope the mini-marshmallows aren't stale.

Today's journal flashback: since I'm running out of days and substantial entries, let's do some more weird dreams. How about the time Dream!Jennifer Connelly and I ran into... someone; the one where Tyler Durden and I fled the yippy dogs; and then I nearly dated a vampire but I had to catch a shuttle to the moon.

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Once again, a headache

Lexicongate ETAs march on: a bunch of blogs weigh in without actually reading the ruling; I can't even believe what Stanford Law said; NORA ROBERTS HAS SPOKEN.

I will say this: if you actually read the ruling, or summaries of it, you'll see that Judge Robert Patterson (no, Patterson. He does not sparkle in direct sunlight. That I know of) is very careful to note that this is not a ruling against the general concept of fan comment and critique, for profit or not.1 The issue is not that the Lexicon is a derivative fan work; the issue is that it isn't. It is, in large part, copy/pasting of the original books' phrasing with little to no criticism or commentary--it's Rowling's work alphabetized. It is, in fact, an enterprise that makes the rest of creative fandom look bad. That's the issue. That's why she isn't suing the other guide books and commentaries2 (or me, for that matter, and I also published): because those works actually contributed original thought.3 Collapse )

And also, if you're going to play the JKR IS SO GREEDY OMG card, keep in mind that she said she'd donate anything they won to charity, and that His Honor did, in fact, award her and WB the princely sum of $6,750. No, I did not leave any zeroes off.

Anyway. Linkspam. (I was promised a Suantum of Quolace Quantum of Solace trailer! Where is my Something of Boris Quantum of Solace trailer?) ETA: IT'S HERE!

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Massive linkspam catch-up

So... I had a shitty evening last night. My blood pressure still feels a little high today. Hurrah. Here was the one bright spot: I was at TV Tropes going through the Characters as Device list when I saw "The Littlest Cancer Patient" and went, "Aww, hey, that's like the thing I used in the... omg."

Presumably, the name of this trope is a reference to The Day After Tomorrow in Fifteen Minutes, which uses the phrase to great hilarity.

I have made my contribution to the world and can die happy. You think I'm kidding, and I'm not.

(Maybe I shouldn't say things like "die happy" after the High Blood Pressure of Fury last night. And the last time I had it checked, the nurse actually said I had very good, low blood pressure. Knocking on wood... now.)

(Before you ask: yes, I voted today. Now I'm going to go scrapbook something random until I feel mellower.)

Speaking of which, from entropy_and_me: "I was so inspired by your digital scrapbooking creations that I've gotten a bit, er, obsessively into it myself now. I made a digiscrapping resource post at my blog. You might be collecting links to do a digiscrapping linkspam yourself for all I know, but I thought my little resource post might be of interest to your readership."

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Friday night, feeling kind of meh

Hey, you know the people who got in touch with me about The Illusionist? The same company has emailed me about The Tudors... because they found "Troy in Fifteen Minutes." This made me laugh and laugh, because this means that they haven't even seen all the times y'all and I discussed Elizabeth or Tudor history or The Other Boleyn Girl or whatever. Or even the times I actually mentioned The Tudors itself. What I'm saying is, they came to the right conclusion--somehow.

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