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The Daily Something: At least we're winning

Welp, one week into 2012 and already I've blown my perfect LJ attendance. (It was the weekend! I had no concept of space or time! I was on the moon! With Steve!)

Not much to report tonight. I came downstairs and there was food EVERYWHERE. Chicken fries, jalapeño hummus, cheese and those buttery crackers (wait, chicken fries?), strawberries and apple slices and pineapple chunks (like, not fried chicken, fries made out of chicken?), and that was in addition to Actual Dinner. Obviously, this means that some sort of Game must be On. Apparently there is some sort of championship game on tonight, between us and LSU. Something. Is Tebow involved? Tebow's not in college football anymore, I guess. However, birthday and Christmas have allowed me to lay in a stock of purple nail polish, so I will be applying a second coat of Hell to the No in the blessed quiet of the Fortress of Solitude. Which is simply a place in our hearts at the moment, but I do believe I have chosen what I want for my actual secret lair: a DOME HOME.

(I particularly like the white one with the balcony. Y'all come on by, I'll tell the frickin' laser sharks you're coming.)

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msauvage purple

Mmm, January blarg

I'm not going to say straight out that I'm going to try to post every single day this year, but I'd like to post more often. And some days, that may involve a single link, if that's all I can manage. We'll call it The Daily Something.

@thehairpin: So, When Exactly Is a Dubstep?

@cleolinda: I still have no idea what a/the/wtf dubstep is, except that people seem to use it as an insult, like "hipster." #getoffmylawn

@cleolinda: omg if Skream's remix of "In for the Kill" is dubstep and I have that, that means that THE DUBSTEP IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE

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SPEAKING OF SPARKLE EXPLOSIONS someone linked me to Nerd Lacquer nail polish on Etsy but only this afternoon did I comprehend that it is BASED IN ALABAMA? Just a glance at the color library indicates there are colors for--what, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who ("No, this product is not bigger on the inside"), Hitchhiker's Guide, Monty Python, Firefly, and--? Not sure what else. The next time I get to treat myself, I'll have to try a blue or something.

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