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Con recovery update

‏@cleolinda: I fought it off for several days, but I seem to have succumbed to a belated concrud: sinus infection. Woe.

@foresthouse: Maaaan, I thought we were creeping under the Con Crud wire this year.

@cleolinda: It's POSSIBLE this is due to all the home repair kicking up dust and aggravating my allergies.

Yeah... about that.


So I have finally been felled by crud; jury’s out as to whether it came from Dragon Con or not. While I am totally doofy on cold medicine, I’m still doing a lot better than I was this time last year (I had the flu. FOR SIX WEEKS), so I’m getting a writeup done based around a couple of Storify posts (tweets, pictures, etc.) I threw together when I came home:

General adventures (still working on)

Hannibal-related, i.e., Scott and Aaron, but also including pictures/reports that came in simultaneously from Mads’ appearances at Fan Expo in--was it Toronto? mysticowl ended up at his Q&A by chance and reported from it via Twitter.

Meanwhile, foresthouse and I will be recording a podcast tomorrow discussing our adventures; if my congestion clears up, I may be able to properly recount the Q&As.

Also, newly uploaded: first half of the 2nd Q&A; the stormtrooper invasion will be in the second half. A TON of great stuff is in this first half, though. "He knows what he's doing." "He LOVES it when vegetables fantasize about him."
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Uh, I thought I hit post this morning, sorry about that--

Welp, the Oscar posts are done. I would like to thank God and Janelle Monáe for getting me through this. And thank y'all so much for all the support in the previous entry and everywhere else--I ended up kind of taking the day off from recapping/storifying of any kind, so I'm now about two days behind on the Hannibal recap. So it is coming; the Oscars just created a (totally expected) delay.

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So! A lot of stuff this week!

I'm on A Matter of Taste again! And we talk about ALL THE THINGS: True Detective, Sleepy Hollow, my sad frustration with Dracula, and then, of course, an hour about Hannibal, through which we laugh our asses off and it was the best time. Although I'm kind of manic and going a mile a minute, sorry about that.


As many Hannibal promos as I could round up. WARNING: The two and a half minute version of the premiere's opening fight scene and some behind-the-scenes material is discussed at the end (by "discussed" I mean "everyone on Twitter going HOLY FUCKING SHIT").

Back on the 13 Hour Devour livetweet roundup, we've got the Hugh Dancy Q&A.

I thought I'd only need those two, but ended up having to split a ton of stuff off into a third post. By the time we're done, I may have a separate post for tonight's livetweeting, I don't even know. Included: the saga of the Podcast Avocado, a discussion of the use of red and light blue on the show, the Mysterious Package, and, most importantly, the Mads Mikkelsen Q&A on Twitter, which went hilariously off the rails after they logged him into the NBC Hannibal tumblr and showed him around. HE KNOWS.

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And finally, reminder: I'll be switching over to @cleolindajones to livetweet for the evening.

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Checkin' checkin' in

Okay, things are about to get hellaciously (hella?) busy the next couple of weeks, sooooo let me lay it all out:

Yesterday was the #13HourDevour Hannibal marathon--I broke down and got the Amazon Prime free trial for other reasons, and it turned out to be a pretty good way to stream the show and watch along, although a lot of folks were using their DVDs as well. I kept meaning to walk away at some point and do non-computer stuff, but... I ended up sitting there through the whole thing. The whole thirteen hours. I mean, I was multi-tasking, but... thirteen hours. I am no longer afraid of the Oscars next Sunday. My fingers are ready.

The way I did it, though, didn't so much involve finging as a lot of gathering and organizing--I didn't necessarily livetweet that much myself, except towards the end. But I really wanted to put a Storify post pulling a lot of different things together, and I wanted it done before I called it a night, rather than let it take over today as well. So we ended up with three posts total (with single-page versions as well). A sample:

Collapse )

As far as I can tell, it was wildly successful--various hashtags trended all day long, sometimes things that the producers didn't even come up with. Like, within minutes. The Hugh Dancy Q&A was in the second hour (see first post); various cast and crew wandered in throughout the whole day, with @NBCHannibal doing giveaways on the hour and at least one producer holding down the fort at any given time. I was just super interested in the whole process from a social-media perspective, because I don't think anyone's ever tried anything like this before, and it was fascinating to see it actually work. I'm sure it looks super obsessive on my part, but I just really enjoy experimenting with what you can do with this kind of thing.

I did set up a second Twitter account, though--@cleolindajones--to spare casual followers from massive livetweetage. So I'll probably be on that second account for the Oscars, Hannibal on Fridays, whenever I get to livetweet the second Game of Thrones book, Sleepy Hollow next year, and so on. Feel free to follow or unfollow that as necessary; I try to be vague anyway, but hopefully putting livetweets on a separate account will help people in different time zones and/or countries avoid spoilers until they want to see them.

So! I'm recording with the Matter of Taste guys again tomorrow night; we have the season 2 premiere on Friday (DOUBT NOT), the Oscars on Sunday night, and God knows when I'll have the first episode recap up considering all that plus the fact that the show's moved back a day and I don't have a "long weekend" time frame anymore. (Links to the season one recaps are worked into the marathon posts, but they're also listed here, if you want to revisit them fist.) Also I have another couple of writing deadlines, which is exciting, but clearly I'm going to have to bring my time-management A game to all this. Fortunately, spring is coming, which will help a lot.

ALSO I have started watching True Detective, which surprised me with the King in Yellow thing that none of y'all told me about, if you would like to discuss that here. I'm catching up on the latest episode sometime today, if/after I have been productive.


ETA: http://cleolinda.tumblr.com/post/77736157319/hannibal-watch-season-2s-brutal-opening-fight-scene

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I have some things to talk about but we will talk about them later because




ETA: HAVE ADDED INTERESTING BITS TO THE END OF THE STORIFY. Freeze-frame clue to the Ear Mystery; Mellified Man is a thing; and a crewmember's comments about The Door, which cracked me up.

OKAY WAIT that was around 2 PM and now it's after 3 and they are STILL DOING THINGS. Collapse )

Adding Q&A from Twitter as @NBCHannibal posts it.

ETA 4:40 PM. Four hours of Storify later, finally (?), a special message to Tumblr fandom. (Cleolinda Industries has an outpost there, so y'all count.) Regarding the tags--I have no doubt that they did.

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